Babies have an instinct to always suck, be it sucking fingers or pacifiers. Alluding to the baby pacifier, the pacifier itself needs to be sterilized to maintain the health of the little one. Sole distributor boboduck Indonesia provides baby pacifier sterilization tools.

How to sterilize a baby pacifier

Sterilization of the pacifier is the process of killing all microorganisms in the pacifier. Also, This sterilization is used to prevent viruses, germs, and bacteria from entering the baby’s body.

There are several ways that can be done to sterilize the baby pacifier, including the following:

Use of microwaves

The first way that can be used to sterilize the pacifier today is to soak it in a special container in the microwave. The container should be filled with water.

You can put a special container that has been filled with a pacifier into the microwave and can be heated in 1.5 minutes.

Use of dishwashers

If You don’t have a microwave. You can use a dishwasher to sterilize a baby pacifier.

You can put the baby pacifier into the washing machine. Put it on the top shelf to avoid the current melted pacifier. Performing sterilization using a dishwasher takes a long time.

Steam sterilization

If you want it easier to sterilize a pacifier, you can do it with steam sterilization. It takes you just 15 minutes to clean your baby’s pacifier.

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The most common way to sterilize a baby pacifier is to boil the pacifier into a pot.

Usually done within 5 minutes to sterilize the baby pacifier for now. Just use a moderate level of fire.

If you find cracks and tears in the pacifier area, it’s time to switch them to a new pacifier. This needs to be done so that when the little one sucks the pacifier does not choke on anything.

Distributor of pacifier sterilization equipment

The presence of the little one in life becomes a gift given by God. However, to give the best to the baby needs a fairly complete preparation.

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