Since 2017, Mazuta Group has successfully collaborated with major brands in the world to enter the Indonesian market and ended up becoming sole agent boboduck Indonesia. Boboduck is a home appliance brand that can help both mother and baby.

Equipment that cares for the baby and mother

Brand brought by sole agent boboduck Indonesia, Mazuta Group is a brand of special equipment for mother and baby.

Quality products at affordable prices are offered through Mazuta Group. With the concept, better parenting for all at an affordable price. Of course, this mother and baby equipment is able to meet the latest parenting experience that is very pleasant for mothers and children.

The products offered are quite diverse ranging from accessories, baby electrical equipment, cutlery, maternity equipment, baby and mother personal equipment, toiletries, and travel equipment.

Modern equipment offered is able to facilitate the activities of your daily life and able to meet the needs that you are running at this time.

Every brand that is supported by Mazuta Group Indonesia, sole agent boboduck Indonesia is able to cooperate with many people to be comfortable when using it.

In fact, the products offered are able to save expenses, such as spending electricity money. With these products, mothers have more time to enjoy a good life after having a baby.

Adjusting to the concept offered, mothers and babies are equipped with products available at the single agent boboduck Indonesia, Mazuta Group.

Sole Agent Boboduck Indonesia
Sole Agent Boboduck Indonesia

Investment in baby and maternal hygiene tools

The cleanliness of the equipment used by babies is very important so that beloved babies avoid germs, bacteria, and viruses.

The need for hygiene equipment to care for baby and mother’s supplies should be a priority at this time.

Usually baby equipment such as pacifiers, need to be sterilized properly. Therefore, the mother must have cleaning equipment for baby equipment.

Products that can be used by mothers today to sterilize baby pacifiers are boboduck UV LED sterilizer plus bottle dryer disinfectant cabinet box 19 L, or boboduck baby bottle sterilizer & milk warmer heater water kettle.

Buying equipment that has been mentioned makes it easier for mothers to do other tasks, because it is automatic and faster than doing manual ways to sterilize baby pacifiers. How are the mothers? Of course, it is not easy not to accompany the busy life with the baby.

If, you are interested in having cleaning equipment baby and mother equipment. You can get it easily at Mazuta Group. Mazuta Group has been widely trusted by the people of Indonesia.

Mazuta group becomes a trusted Indonesian sole agent boboduck and easy to reach through e-commerce by consumers. Friendly service and always provide the best for consumers. Don’t miss the golden opportunity this time.

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