Mazuta Group is a company that brings several world brands into the Indonesian market and was established in 2017. The household electronics brand that is carried is Ecovacs. Mazuta Group is the sole agent of Ecovacs Indonesia.

Robots of the entire Indonesian family

Mazuta Group, sole agent ecovacs Indonesia offers home environment hygiene solutions for families.

In order to empower and inspire households to live in a comfortable environment. So, Intelligent robot design is a solution to integrate seamless home life.

Therefore, Using a robot vacuum cleaner in the household can give you a lot of time to do quality time with family and give time to do things you love.

Equipped with smart technology, robot vacuum cleaner ecovacs implements a safety tech. That serves to avoid collisions and fall from high to low.

The dimensions of a robotic vacuum cleaner product are very thin and small. Robots can be carried around easily. In fact, it doesn’t take up a big enough place.

Robot vacuum cleaners are able to vacuum all the dust, dirt, and hair that is strewn on the floor.

The advantage is that robot vacuum cleaner ecovacs are easy to open and clean. Not only that, the use of a robot vacuum cleaner is very easy to move because the wheels are capable of turning by 360.

Sole Agent Ecovacs Indonesia

Also, The battery inside the robot can last 60 minutes, so you don’t have to worry when cleaning the house.

Single agent of a quality robot vacuum cleaner

There are many types of vacuum cleaners on the market. There are many offers available to you.

However, it is very difficult to find a robot vacuum cleaner that is really quality and the price fits in the bag.

Maximum cleaning of the home environment can only be done with a robot vacuum cleaner. If, you want more maximum in cleaning the house then you can do it manually, such as cleaning windows or glass tables.

At the time of purchasing a robot vacuum cleaner, it’s good to pay attention to the size and sensors owned by the vacuum cleaner.

If, you want to get a thin vacuum cleaner and equipped with advanced sensors in it. You can have robot vacuum ecovacs in the sole agent of ecovacs Indonesia, Mazuta Group.

There is a wide variety of robot vacuum cleaner products offered. Start from broom vacuum cleaner, mop vacuum cleaner, and mop vacuum cleaner. The price of the products offered is very affordable in Mazuta Group. You can prove it yourself. Sole agent ecovacs Indonesia, Mazuta Group successfully collaborated with the world’s electronic product brand that is very useful in home life. You can get it now through the official website and listed also in e-commerce, such as Shopee, Tokopedia, et al.

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