Global trade cannot stand alone. Why? Because, in the world of trade there are producers, distribution, and consumers. Most are familiar with manufacturers and consumers. Global distribution does not yet know.

Distribution is an important element in trade to channel goods. Given the distribution, there is a distributor. Do you know about global distribution?

Global distribution

The process of distributing goods is very diverse in the world of trade. The arrangement of global distribution of this distribution is generally from the hands of producers to consumers.

global distribution
global distribution

However, if you do not know the various global distributions, here are the types of distributions that you need to know, including the following:

Producer to consumer

The first distribution of global distribution is direct distribution, why direct distribution? Because there is no intermediary. The system is direct to the consumer.

Manufacturer to retailer to consumer

The distribution element of distribution is that the retailer becomes a bridge between the manufacturer and the consumer.

Manufacturers sell their products to retailers and retailers themselves funnel their goods to consumers in very large quantities.

Manufacturers to merchants of large business to retailers to consumers

In the trade you meet, then this one distribution system is often found in Indonesia.

The manufacturer only delivers the product to a wholesaler, then this wholesaler distributes it to the retailer. Until, retailers sell products to consumers.

Manufacturer to agent to retailer to consumer

Distribution channels from the manufacturer to the hands of agents, of course, this agent has cooperated first. Afterwards, the agent makes a sale to the retailer.

Retailers channel their products directly into the hands of consumers. So, it can be said that this is similar to the 4th point.

Manufacturer to agent to merchant of large business to retailer to consumer

This distribution is the most complex and takes a long time. So, agents actually become the most important distributor of goods before entering the merchant, retailer, and consumer hand.

Real global distribution in Indonesia

Discussing the distribution of global distribution that there are various types. You need to know the most real place to get the best distributor of goods.

Not only the best, there are times when you want to find a distribution company that is engaged in the distribution of goods into the country or abroad.

In addition to the distribution as a whole, you definitely need complete products. Of course, the product you are looking for is a quality product at a very affordable price. Coupled with good service. Surely you’re looking for that, aren’t you?

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