Mazuta Group is a brand distributor of world-renowned electronic products. The company is trying to introduce products from well-known brands to the Indonesian market.

Top brands offered

Nowadays it is easy to get anything, including products with well-known brands. So, Mazuta Group provides the best electronic products for families.

These are the brands that have been successfully supported by Mazuta Group, a brand distributor of electronic products, including the following:


One of the brands that was successfully supported by Mazuta Group and introduced to the Indonesian market was the tineco brand.

konten tineco

This brand carries electronic products cleaning the room and complements women’s activities before going out. Starting from vacuum cleaner products to hair dryers. You can get it now easily through a brand distributor.

Mazuta Group has wet & dry vacuums, smart vacuums, cordless vacuums, and smart hair dryers.


If you need sophisticated electronic products in cleaning the room at home or office. Of Course, this brand can help you right now.

Ecovacs products are smart homes that can facilitate your activities, save time, and energy for now. If, you feel tired and there is no time to clean the floor or carpet, ecovacs can be a solution.

konten ecovacs

Ecovacs can be your solution to clean floors and carpets from dust or dirt. You can a robot vacuum cleaner that is easy to carry everywhere and does not need to be controlled excessively by the owner.


Do you have a baby who has just been born? Of course, you don’t want a baby in a problem, simply don’t want your little one to get sick?

Take it easy, all baby equipment used such as pacifiers can be sterilized using products from boboducks. Not only that, you can manage healthy meals for babies using electronic products provided by boboducks today.

Well-known brand distributors in Indonesia

Interested in having products that have been provided by the famous brands above? Be it ecovacs, tineco, and boboduck?

So Take it easy, you can get it easily nowadays through e-commerce that can be accessed online.

Good quality items equipped with a warranty. So, There’s no doubt about what you’re going to get, The price problem, the price of each product offered is already very affordable. You can prove it yourself.

You will get many benefits using smart home electronic products. Life is easier and more efficient than previous conditions. You can submit all the needs of electronic products only in Mazuta Group, the trusted and best distributor brand in Indonesia today.

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