Wet & dry vacuum cleaner, a cleaning product that is able to remove dry dust and liquids. This vacuum cleaner does not have a bag, but has two devices that separate dry dust and liquid. You can get the product at authorized distributor tineco Indonesia.

How to use wet & dry vacuum cleaner

Discussing wet & dry vacuum cleaners, this vacuum cleaner is equipped with a brush that can be replaced for both dry dust and liquid.

The use of this vacuum cleaner is perfect for those of you who have hyperactive children and often spill food or drinks on the carpet or floor. Therefore, you must have a vacuum cleaner available at authorized distributor tineco Indonesia.

Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner by Tineco

Not separated from the discussion of vacuum cleaner, it helps you know about how to use Wet & dry vacuum cleaner, including the following:

Liquid spill

A very difficult task to do and there are small children is to clean up the spill of liquids. Perhaps, you need a lot of time to clean stains on flat surfaces.

However, nowadays you are so bothered to see spills of coffee, milk, or syrup liquid on the floor. Take it easy, with a dry and liquid vacuum cleaner you no longer need to consider cleaning up liquid spills as a complicated task.

Floors and curtains

Did you know that this vacuum cleaner is very effectively used for floors and curtains. Usually, the floor and curtains are blocked by a lot of dust and dirt.

Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner Tineco
Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner Tineco

Therefore, with the vacuum cleaner from authorized distributor tineco Indonesia is able to suck all the dust and dirt that is finite on the floor and curtains.


Ideal if using a wet & dry vacuum cleaner to clean the carpet. Usually, young children actively move on the carpet even accidentally spill food on it.

Not only that, usually if you have a pet. Not a few pets also lie on the carpet. Therefore, you need a vacuum cleaner that is able to remove dust, flying feathers, and dirt. For the sake of maintaining air health.

Distributor wet & dry vacuum cleaner

After knowing how to use a wet & dry vacuum cleaner, are you curious to get this one product in Indonesia?

Take it easy, you don’t have to worry. You can still use a wet & dry vacuum cleaner that is quite unique in use. Of course, this vacuum cleaner has a dual function and is useful for people who like to maintain the cleanliness of the home environment. You can visit the website of the current Mazuta Group to get useful electronic products. Mazuta Group is an authorized distributor of Tineco Indonesia. Do not miss to get a product that has been supported by Mazuta.

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