The presence of the little one into the world, making parents rush to meet the needs of baby equipment and equipment. In fact, on the sidelines of busy times you are still looking for a trusted complete baby equipment distributor. You can get it at the authorized distributor boboduck Indonesia.

The most complete baby equipment

Mazuta Group collaborates with boboduck to meet the needs of parents in having complete baby equipment and support infant health.

What is available by authorized distributor boboduck Indonesia, including the following:

4 in 1 food processor plus baby

This product can be used to make juice, steam food, and blend baby food to keep it nutritious.

In one product there are four functions, including blender, steamer, repellent, and heater. Suitable for foods such as fruit, meat, vegetables, chicken, and fish. It is suitable for motherhood today.

You can get boboduck products through Mazuta Group, an authorized distributor of Boboduck Indonesia.

4 in 1 food processor plus baby Boboduck
4 in 1 food processor plus baby Boboduck Indonesia

Steam sterilizer dryer baby milk

This one product is quite multifunctional and can be used for sterilization, heating, repellent, egg steaming, and warming baby food.

This electronic product does not cause noise, so it does not interfere with anyone near the product.

By the time you make a purchase, you’ll get a bottle sterilizer cover, a shelf where the milk bottle/pacifier lid, heating plate, main body, and filter.

Steam sterilizer dryer baby milk
Steam sterilizer dryer baby milk Boboduck Indonesia

Single electric breast pump

Choosing a breast pump to meet your child’s milk needs is great for now. You can stimulate breast milk from the birth of the baby.

The advantages of this product are being able to minimize pain when pumping breast milk, help mothers solve flat nipple problems, and increase the volume of breast milk.

Variation of Single electric breast pump
Variation of Single Electric Breast Pump Boboduck Indonesia

Smart water kettle milk warmer heater

There are many functions of this one product including dechlorination function, milk warming function, and milk powder preparing function.

Smart water kettle milk warmer heater Boboduck Indonesia

You can choose all four baby equipment products according to their current needs. You can get it at an affordable price at Mazuta Group.

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Distributor of advanced baby equipment

Baby supplies and equipment stores are very popular in Indonesia. However, there are many advantages that you can get when buying boboduck equipment for babies at an authorized distributor.

Authorized distributors provide a wide variety of boboduck product offerings with guaranteed quality and advanced products. Not only that, it’s a very affordable price for older people out there.

Not only that, you can get products through online stores and instagram. You can choose the products you need on the boboduck website. So, do not miss to buy boboduck products through Mazuta Group, authorized distributor of Boboduck

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